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Stamped Concrete vs. Concrete Pavers

Stamped Concrete vs. Concrete Pavers
Stamped concrete and concrete pavers are two completely different things and ways of remodeling your home exterior. The main reason that they become used interchangeably is that stamped concrete can be created to appear to look like concrete pavers. Stamped concrete can be used to create patios, pool decks, walkways, driveways and various other exterior projects. The way that stamped concreting works is that a concrete slab is poured onto the desired areas, after which specific tools, patterns, designs and textures are utilized to stamp the designs into the wet concrete.
If you are looking to make it appear like concrete pavers, then what you would do is stamp the wet concrete with a particular pattern that gives the appearance of pavers. Hence you have created the concrete paver look an aesthetic without the higher price. Other looks that can easily be replicated and made to look like the original are wood, cobblestone and many other textures. Thus, essentially stamped concrete "pavers" is just stamped concrete which has been designed to appear to look like original concrete pavers, but they are really two different things at their core. Concrete pavers are individual concrete pieces which have been formed into separate brick. They are installed manually on an aggregate base and sand bed, which is then filled in with even more sand and then compacted together to form the final design and structure. This is a far more detailed and complicated procedure than the installation of concrete slabs, hence the higher cost involved and why people opt for simply replicating the look.
Essentially the same materials are used as that for stamped concrete, but it is the actual installation which differs.
Main differences
With stamped concrete it is just a huge slab of concrete that has been imprinted and designed to suit a particular taste and look. There are a number of different styles a =d design options that are available and the final outcome can be quite stunning. It is also a highly durable and long lasting surface, which requires minimum maintenance and is relatively cheap. However, the concrete slabs can crack and become damaged, especially in harsh weather conditions and in areas where there is high traffic and usage. With concrete pavers, they are more expensive and are installed by hand, in individual pieces which increase the labor costs and makes it a more pricey option. Pavers are just as strong and durable as stamped concrete and are more resistant to the cracking that can appear with concrete because of the joint system that hold it together.

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